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Muller Brothers Construction. An Independent, Locally-owned, And Operated Construction Company.​

Discover a construction journey where your satisfaction is the blueprint. At Muller Brothers Construction, we build more than structures; we build trust, understanding your needs at every step.

Led by the dedicated Muller twins, Ariel and Aaron, we’re committed to seamless, time-efficient projects that reflect our passion for superior design and craftsmanship.

Construction doesn’t have to be a struggle. With us, you’ll experience an enjoyable, streamlined process, marked by attention to detail, honesty, and reliability. Our promise goes beyond service – we deliver a quality masterpiece, tailored to your vision.

Connect with us at Muller Brothers Construction in Los Angeles – where you’re not just a client, but family, and quality is a guarantee.

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Here is how Muller Brothers Construction Can Help

New Construction

Our skilled team will construct your project meticulously, from a robust foundation to elegant interior finishes. We handle everything, including plans and permits, ensuring a hassle-free journey from an empty plot to your dream project.

ADU Construction

Say goodbye to makeshift garage conversions and hello to Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), your gateway to extra square footage and potential rental income. Whether it’s rejuvenating your old garage or constructing a brand-new ADU, we ensure a swift, smooth journey from planning to construction. With Muller Brothers, adding space and value to your property has never been easier or more hassle-free.


Whether you’re considering a second story or simply expanding your space, our team transforms your aspirations into reality swiftly and effortlessly. We promise minimal intrusion on your existing living area while maximizing the value of your home. Whether it’s an extra bedroom or an entire floor, trust Muller Brothers to bring your vision to life with ease and professionalism.

Kitchen Remodeling and bathroom remodeling

Recognizing that your kitchen and bathroom are your home’s busiest hubs, we offer remodels that revitalize your living space. Our swift and seamless kitchen and bath remodels not only refresh your home but also enhance its functionality and appeal. With Muller Brothers, witness the effortless transition from the old to the new, making your remodel experience as refreshing as the finished product itself.

Earthquake retrofitting

Our expertise extends beyond structural work to include plumbing, electrical, and finish work—all handled in-house for cost-effective pricing. Trust us to safeguard your home without compromising on quality or affordability.

Soft story retrofitting 

If you’re an LA building owner, you’ll know the urgency of complying with the mandatory soft story retrofit ordinance. We’ve successfully fortified over 100 buildings, helping owners avoid fines and meet earthquake safety standards. We manage everything from planning to cost recovery, ensuring minimal impact on tenants. With Muller Brothers, your retrofit projects are completed swiftly, efficiently, and to the highest safety standards.

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